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I'm actually a little rusty on things, but this Maxis Taste dare caught my imagination and I had to give it a try. Of course, I couldn't just take pictures. I had to add a little story to it...

"Come on, Sis!" The girl with the hat grinned and gesticulated wildly, "We're off to SSU so we might as well get makeovers! It'll be a sisterly thing to do!"

The other girl just continued to frown.

"I mean, come on! Do you really want to go to college in clothes that are WAY out of date?"

The other girl sighed, relenting just a little.

The girl in the hat grinned, realizing she'd won, "Yay! After all, our expansion pack came out like, totally years ago. We're so far out of fashion at this point." Grabbing her sister's hand, she practically skipped into the salon.

"Welcome to Bella Caliente! We're here for all your beauty needs." Dina rushed over, greeting the customers as soon as the door jingled open. In the background, Nina just watched with a bemused expression.

The girl in the hat grinned, "Hi ma'am! We're looking.."

Dina held up her finger, interrupting her, "Let me guess!" She regarded the girls for a thoughtful moment before she gave them a radiant smile, "I bet you're about to embark on the biggest journey of your young lives and need a new look before heading off to university!"

As the girl in the hat gasped in delight and began babbling her agreement to that assumption, her sister sighed and rolled her eyes.

Quickly, the two girls were ushered over to the two makeover chairs. Dina narrated the whole journey, "First we'll tackle hair and makeup, then move over into clothing choices. I promise you that by the time we're done, you'll feel like completely new Sims!"

Nina smiled at the enthusiastic girl in her salon chair, "And what did you have in mind? Do you want to keep the hat, or are we looking to try something completely new?"

"Oooh! No, let's get rid of the hair. I thought it was awesome at first, but I totally have hat hair all the time and I'm so tired of that. Let's go with something completely new and awesome. Color! I totally need color. And patterns! Not in my hair, but just in general. I want to look cool! Cool is the new cool!"

Keeping her amusement to herself, Nina nodded as the girl babbled on. This one was going to be easy.

"Alright, dear!" Dina smiled brightly, "Let's start with your hair. You've got such beautiful cheekbones, but these bangs just make them seem too severe. Let's soften this up."

The glare on the girl's face gave Dina just a moment's hesitation before the older woman grinned and got to work despite any silent protests.

A couple of days later, Sim State University's newest students surveyed their new domain.

"Aw come on, Sis! Can't you at least admit I was right now? You look great, I look awesome!" The girl who used to wear a hat pleaded with the other young woman.

Crossing her arms, the other was silent for a long time before she finally admitted, "Okay, maybe you were right."

Both of these downtownie teens were sent to Uni with my current crop of students, so when I saw the Maxis Taste dare, I immediately thought of both of them. They both have a unique look that's not from just one standard face, so they're nice to grow up and bring into the extended family of my hood. (Well, that is if I ever get back into playing again... :})

Hope this was as fun for you as it was for me!


Sep. 8th, 2012 06:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you! :)