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More Hair Stuff - Last Male Batch

So, I've made it through most of the male hair.

There are 107 hairs in my Done folder (though, I need to go through them a second time to make sure everything is copacetic). 20 hairs were deemed as unwanted, so tossed in the recycling bin. 9 hairs sit in limbo as I decide whether I want them enough to try and recolor them myself.

And finally, there are 5 hairs that I do not have recolors for, are beyond retexturing myself, and I cannot live without. Well, I could live without them, but you know what I mean, hyperbole aside.


First up, an oldie. I've tried retexturing this one myself, but I just can't quite get it. Oepu did a couple of edits of it and Amaryl did a retexture of the edit back in the Low Poly theme GOS did a few months back. I was able to take those textures and apply them to the other edit and made those both useable. Because the bangs were different in the edits, I couldn't just slap those textures onto the original hair.

This one is Aeric's hair, so it's kinda important. I've thought about giving him a different hair style anyway, but ... I'd like this one if it can be found.


I'm really surprised I've never been able to find a retexture of this one. Simagroop did a Maxis Match version, but it doesn't quite fit in with the rest of my hairs. I played a little bit with it in trying to retexture it, but it was a bit beyond me.

I personally love this hair and don't understand why it hasn't been retextured. And, of course, this is another essential hair since this is Elijah's hair.


I LOVE THIS HAIR. It's old, and it's probably not to most people's tastes, but it's one of my absolute favorites. It was one of the first custom hairs I downloaded back when I first got the game in 2006. I'd really love to see a retexture of it to make it look a little more modern. I poked at it and couldn't quite beat it.


Another hair that I love. There are so few good short hairs out there for male sims that I absolutely cannot give this one up. It's not used by anyone crucial in my game, but it is used and it is a favorite. I tried retexturing it myself, but that was beyond me and simply changing the colors was too difficult. I did find a thread at GOS for someone asking for this one to be done, but no one had responded.


I thought I had seen this Pooked by someone, but I've been unable to find it anywhere.

Finally, another Raon hair. I like this one quite a bit and have used it on some background/side characters. I'd love to get a version to match the rest of my hairs.

So... if anyone's seen these out there, let me know. Thanks! :)


May. 18th, 2011 10:31 am (UTC)
Wow, I did not remember at all how that Seomi hair looked originally! It is a pretty nice style, though. If I were confident with Pooklet textures (they rely much more on highlights than MM textures, for instance, and that hair has a LOT of highlights) I'd give it a try.

On the other hand, the Sun hair is based on a Maxis hair, so I *think* it could be pookleted if someone applied Aquilegia's re-textures to it. Thankfully, she shared those as PNGs in Volatile. I could do that, and then try to edit the bangs with Pooklet textures. Do you prefer any version of her textures? (I am not sure which are differences among them, but some people are very specific with which texture they want in their games).

Raon 30 should be easy to edit/find. I'm surprised no one has Pookleted it yet!
May. 19th, 2011 07:41 am (UTC)
The Seomi hair isn't really bad at all. It's just old. :) Unfortunately, for there's far fewer male hairs than there are female hairs, so it's hard to pass up a decent male hair, even if it's old.

If you had the time and inclination to poke at the sun hair, I would be eternally grateful. Jenn's recolor is closer to useable than the original, but I'd still love to see pooklet textures.

I'm really surprised the Raon hairs haven't been redone. It's odd that the Raon hairs seem to be overlooked by so many of the creators that pook hairs.

Oh well!